Lesson 11: An investor call… answer it immediately by consulting his real-time data in just a few clicks.

Real time Data

Question: How do fund managers store information related to an investor that has subscribed to 3 funds in the investment management company? 


Fund Manager: Today, investor information is stored in various excel files and are spilt at the fund level. Therefore, having a quick and clear overview for a single investor that has committed capital across multiple funds is not easy. 


How can PE Cube help? 

PE Cube’s software gives fund managers access to an investor management dashboard. This dashboard contains real-time investor data across the various funds and share types they have subscribed to. 

Therefore, when the investors relations team has a call with an investor, they no longer need to fumble to answer their questions instantaneously. 


With PE Cube’s SaaS solution, give yourself the means to classify and mobilise the information crucial to good investor relations.


Centralised and organised on a single secure platform, all your data is accessible in just a few clicks!


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