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Private Equity concentrates on value investing

PitchBook published last month a report showing that Private Equity is opposing the current volatility of the markets with less external (and risky) investment and more concentration on the growth of their existing portfolios. A trend also true for M&A.     Looking at PE, one can only conclude that after the great results of 2021, the trend is to downsize the volume of transation. That volume dropped by more than a half in 2022. Private equity buyout also dropped significantly.   With the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, high rates making it difficult to find loans. At a time

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Despite high interest rates, Private Equity starts 2023 with perspectives of long-term growth

The Boston-based consulting firm Bain & Company released its Global Private Equity Report 2023. In the foreword, the Chairman of Bain’s Global Private Equity practice, Hugh MacArthur compares the year 2022 for the industry to the novel A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens : a roaring first semester with a peak of activity interrupted by the abrupt raise of the rates by the Federal Reserve in June. Overall deals exit and fund-raising counts dropped through 2022, the investments reaching the total of 654 billions dollars versus 1,012 billions dollars in 2021. In 2022 Global Buyout value dropped by

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Cybersecurity around capital calls

Lesson 12: Don’t risk your reputation: secure your capital calls

The number of cyberattacks on capital calls is increasing, proving the traditional way of sending capital calls through email with a PDF attached is no longer secure. In 2021, Private Equity fundraising amounted to €118 billion euros.1 With such a significant amount transacted, the increasing cyberattacks should push fund managers to secure their process.   How can PE Cube help? By digitalising your fund management with PE Cube, adopt a secure way process of conducting capital calls and distributions. Moreover, the software automates the generation of operation letters and completes an operation campaign in just 5 steps. Book a demo

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AMF: Proposed minimum environmental criteria for categories SFDR Article 9 and 8

On the 10th of February, the Authorite des Marches Financiers (AMF), published a proposal on the minimum environmental criteria required for a financial product to be categorised as Article 9 or Article 8 under the European regulation SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations). The proposal is based on an informal consultation conducted with financial actors. The AMF noted that there was a gap between the expectations expressed by investors and the reality of the practices of the application of SFDR, which has fuelled greenwashing. They propose to implement minimum criteria for these financial products where the definition of sustainable investment is

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Real time Data

Lesson 11: An investor call… answer it immediately by consulting his real-time data in just a few clicks.

Question: How do fund managers store information related to an investor that has subscribed to 3 funds in the investment management company?    Fund Manager: Today, investor information is stored in various excel files and are spilt at the fund level. Therefore, having a quick and clear overview for a single investor that has committed capital across multiple funds is not easy.    How can PE Cube help?  PE Cube’s software gives fund managers access to an investor management dashboard. This dashboard contains real-time investor data across the various funds and share types they have subscribed to.  Therefore, when the

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Confident for future

Lesson 10: Be ready and confident for future audits with a solution that strengthen yours bases. 

Today, fund managers primarily use Excel to manage their funds, making it THE essential tool for Private Equity professionals. However, manual processes on Excel can be redundant, extracting no added value. Team members can go through multiple versions of files and documents without keeping track of the latest versions.   How can PE Cube help?    PE Cube offers an end-to-end solution that provides fund managers data reliability, traceability, and transparency. Consequently, the software keeps a clear audit track of valuations, KYC/AML information and documentation, and capital calls and distributions.    Therefore, fund managers no longer need to worry about

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Monitoring of ESG Metrics

Lesson 9: Monitor the performance of your funds in both financial and ESG terms

Having a clear overview of the performance of the portfolio companies is crucial to analyse the impact of strategy and decisions taken by the company. Today, fund managers keep track of these metrics in multiple excels files. Susceptible to many edits by different team members, these excel files fail provide data reliability. Moreover, the complex nature of data with different classifications (estimated, budget, realised…) and period types makes it difficult for fund manager to have a clear overview of their portfolio companies.   How PE Cube can help PE Cube is a software that digitalises fund management. The portfolio management

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Team Work

Lesson 8: Work as a team around the same tool for efficient management of your funds

Private Equity historically has been a low-tech industry. Fund management processes are manual, monotonous, and have less value added. The Covid-19 pandemic has catalysed the digital transformation of the Private Equity industry. Fund managers have realised the importance of taking control of their data, automatising manual tasks, and having a tool where their teams can work collaboratively. PE Cube accompanies fund managers to do just that.   PE Cube: Single point of truth The PE Cube application provides fund managers with a single point of truth. Structured in the form of a PE Cube, each management module (Funds, Investors, Operations,

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Targeted communication to LPs

Lesson 7: Send targeted communications to investors

Investor are demanding more! More data, more information, and more transparency. To satisfy investors, fund managers are starting to send out a greater number of reports with precise data. On average, investor relation teams spend around 2 hours each month per investor to deal with specific demands or meetings with investors – amounting to 172 days per year. Additionally, institutional investors could have multiple contacts, increasing the points of contact for the fund management team.   How can PE Cube can help save time? To fluidify, secure and automatise the sending of emails, PE Cube allows fund managers to store

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