Lesson 7: Send targeted communications to investors

Targeted communication to LPs

Investor are demanding more! More data, more information, and more transparency.

To satisfy investors, fund managers are starting to send out a greater number of reports with precise data.

On average, investor relation teams spend around 2 hours each month per investor to deal with specific demands or meetings with investors – amounting to 172 days per year. Additionally, institutional investors could have multiple contacts, increasing the points of contact for the fund management team.


How can PE Cube can help save time?

To fluidify, secure and automatise the sending of emails, PE Cube allows fund managers to store contacts and predefine emailing lists. Fund managers, therefore, have the control over choosing which contacts should receive which type of communication sent by the PE Cube application (capital call letters, shareholder status documents, General Reporting, Ampere Reporting, …).

It is time to redefine your investor relations in a targeted, effective, and simpler manner.

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