Lesson 8: Work as a team around the same tool for efficient management of your funds

Team Work

Private Equity historically has been a low-tech industry. Fund management processes are manual, monotonous, and have less value added.

The Covid-19 pandemic has catalysed the digital transformation of the Private Equity industry.

Fund managers have realised the importance of taking control of their data, automatising manual tasks, and having a tool where their teams can work collaboratively.

PE Cube accompanies fund managers to do just that.


PE Cube: Single point of truth

The PE Cube application provides fund managers with a single point of truth. Structured in the form of a PE Cube, each management module (Funds, Investors, Operations, and Portfolio) is interlinked. PE Cube ensures reliability, security, and efficiency by aggregating information from the various modules and providing comprehensive dashboards.

With different roles having different levels of access in the software, fund managers can create workflows. Defining workflows enables them to attribute tasks to the team or design tasks that need validation from upper management. This allows fund managers to keep track of all the actions taken by their team and reduce human errors.

PE Cube offers fund managers a simple and effective tool that will streamline collaboration between their team members so that everyone can focus on their added value.

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