Lesson 9: Monitor the performance of your funds in both financial and ESG terms

Monitoring of ESG Metrics

Having a clear overview of the performance of the portfolio companies is crucial to analyse the impact of strategy and decisions taken by the company.

Today, fund managers keep track of these metrics in multiple excels files. Susceptible to many edits by different team members, these excel files fail provide data reliability. Moreover, the complex nature of data with different classifications (estimated, budget, realised…) and period types makes it difficult for fund manager to have a clear overview of their portfolio companies.


How PE Cube can help

PE Cube is a software that digitalises fund management. The portfolio management module enables fund managers to track their participation in a consolidated, efficient, and reliable manner.

With clear classifications of the types of data, the applications provide fund managers interactive graphs and tables to compare the evolution of portfolio metrics.

Moreover, fund managers can also define and customise the metrics they want to follow. This is limited to financial metrics but also ESG and non-financial metrics. We chose for this flexibility to accompany fund managers in their ambition to adhere to Article 9 and Article 8 under the SFDR, which is subject to a new proposal of minimum environmental criteria.1

Why wait any longer? Book a demo and learn how PE Cube can accompany to track the relevant metrics for portfolio companies.


1. https://www.amf-france.org/fr/actualites-publications/positions-ue-de-lamf/proposition-de-criteres-minimaux-environnementaux-pour-les-produits-financiers-des-categories-art9

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