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Robotic hand versus human hand

French Start-ups: Generative AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the buzz in the past months. With ChatGPT and generative AI being the center of this conversation, people are questioning the possibilities and capabilities of AI and its impact on our future.   Difference between AI and Generative AI As tennis is to sports, generative AI is a sub-category of AI. AI (Artificial Technology) refers to a broad range of intelligent behaviour by machines that mimic human-like thought processes. Generative AI is a specific type that focuses on generating new content, such as text, code, images, simulations, music, and videos. It uses machine learning algorithms

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Couple in front of a lake

Private Equity: An option for retirement savings

Tuesday marked the second strike in France that contested the pension reform that would increase the retirement age to 65 and raise the years of contribution for a full pension from 41 to 43. France observes a growing divide between the rich and poor in society. With a sentiment of shift from a solidarity economy of France to a capitalistic one. With inflation, economic downturn, and pension reforms, French citizens are looking to increase their personal savings to plan for retirement. According to a study carried out by Cercle de l’Epargne in 2022, 52% of French people turn to savings

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Capital calls automation

Lesson 6: Secure, track, and automate capital calls and distributions

Private Equity : A growing asset class Private Equity (PE) is a growing asset class in Europe, observing a 7% increase in fundraising from 110 €m in 2020 to 118€m in 2021.1 Parallel to the rise of PE allocations, the risk of cyberattacks have grown as well. This trend was also highlighted during the 2022 edition of the Fintech Forum, held conjointly between the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (APCR). The AMF and APCR identified the following patterns and consequences of attacks :  Attack patterns: Hijacking individual credentials Identity theft of legal or

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Track KPIs portfolio companies

Lesson 5: Customise and track KPIs for each portfolio company

The private equity industry is maturing and closing the transparency gap between the private and public markets. Funds are adopting SFRD regulations and are paying a closer attention to sharing more information with their Limited Partners (LPs).   To facilitate this transition, PE Cube provides a portfolio management solution that allows fund managers to have a clear, concise, and visual overview of the health and performance of portfolio companies.   By choosing PE Cube, the investment team can digitally create a history of customisable metrics for each portfolio company. Additionally, the team has the flexibility to define the period type

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KYC Up to date - Minimise human error

Lesson 4: Ensure that your KYC & AML is up to date and minimise human error

Regulation is more stringent The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) are becoming more stringent in terms of regulations related to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). This adds pressure on management companies to verify and update these data points and documents more frequently. Moreover, as ticket sizes decrease and the number of Limited Partners (LPs) interested in Private Equity increase, the volume of data to manage and store rises. Today, KYC / AML is collected is manually, making the process tedious and extremely time consuming for the back-office manager. How

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Dashboard for LPs

Lesson 3 : Accompany your LPs with a comprehensive dashboard

LPs demand more As the Private Equity industry matures, Limited Partners (LPs) increasingly demand more. They want management companies to publish more sophisticated reports to allow for greater transparency. A study carried out by Private Funds CFO Insight Survey 2022, informed that 64% of respondents (CFOs) agreed that LPs requested more details and prescribed for standardised formats of reporting.1   Personalising reports for all the LPs subscribed to a fund is taxing and monotonous for a back-office manager. Therefore, having a software that acts as a single point of truth is vital as it encompasses all the data points and

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Visuel Podcast Valentine Baudouin - Lawyer to VC Investor

Private EquiTEA Podcast : Valentine Baudouin

Introduction I am Antoine Sage and I would like to invite you to share a cup of tea with the personalities of the private equity (PE) ecosystem. Each guest talks about their expertise, their background, and their vision of private equity. To each his own cup of tea – GPs, LPs, regulators, providers, and partners, with the Private Equity podcast everyone is welcome as long as they enrich our vision of PE. To listen to the podcast in French, click here.  Keep reading for the translated English version.    Private EquiTEA : Valentine Baudouin – Lawyer to VC Investor  Antoine:

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Democratisation of private equity

Democratisation of Private Equity

Boursorama opens doors to Private Equity In the past couple of years, Private Equity (PE) has seen tremendous growth that has catalysed the democratisation of the industry. Through this new offer, Boursorama gives its 4 million clientele the chance to invest in FPCR funds through its online trading platform Boursomarkets. These FPCR vehicles are accessible without entry fees with a minimum ticket size of: 25 € for subscriptions through a life insurance 100 € for subscriptions through a investment or PEA-PME account   The holding period for these investments is 8-10 years with varying annual fees depending on the fund

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Keep Record of valuation - Tirelire

Lesson 2: Preciously keep record of your valuations

The AMF and other regulatory bodies are tighten their reigns on Private Equity fund management companies. Therefore, maintaining a clear audit track of the valuations of portfolio companies is vital.   Today, managements companies (GPs) primarily use Excel to conduct valuations. While Excel permits flexibility in the valuation method, files stored can be easily modified, changed, and duplicated into multiple versions. As a result, this prohibits GPs in preserving a clear record of valuations, leaving them vulnerable during an audit.   Digitalising your fund management with PE Cube covers your bases. The PE Cube software interacts with your Excel sheets

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