Lesson 2: Preciously keep record of your valuations

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The AMF and other regulatory bodies are tighten their reigns on Private Equity fund management companies. Therefore, maintaining a clear audit track of the valuations of portfolio companies is vital.


Today, managements companies (GPs) primarily use Excel to conduct valuations. While Excel permits flexibility in the valuation method, files stored can be easily modified, changed, and duplicated into multiple versions. As a result, this prohibits GPs in preserving a clear record of valuations, leaving them vulnerable during an audit.


Digitalising your fund management with PE Cube covers your bases. The PE Cube software interacts with your Excel sheets and sets in stone your valuations once they have passed the 2-step verification process.


The 2-step verification consists of:

  1. Confirming for review the valuations that have been prepared and uploaded by your team on the PE Cube software.
  2. Finalizing the valuation by a Partner and an Auditor, after which the valuation is frozen and CANNOT be modified.


This defines a clear audit track, ensuring that GPs are solid if there is an audit.


Additionally, digitalising this process accelerates and enforces reliability in the preparation of reports, as you retain all the source documents and steps taken by your team.


Strengthen your bases by digitalisation, so that your teams can fully devote themselves to their added value.


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