Lesson 6: Secure, track, and automate capital calls and distributions

Capital calls automation

Private Equity : A growing asset class

Private Equity (PE) is a growing asset class in Europe, observing a 7% increase in fundraising from 110 €m in 2020 to 118€m in 2021.1

Parallel to the rise of PE allocations, the risk of cyberattacks have grown as well. This trend was also highlighted during the 2022 edition of the Fintech Forum, held conjointly between the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (APCR).

The AMF and APCR identified the following patterns and consequences of attacks : 

Attack patterns:

  1. Hijacking individual credentials
  2. Identity theft of legal or natural persons
  3. Intrusion and compromise of information systems


  1. Hijacking authentication credentials of the contacts of the victim
  2. Tricking victims to insert malicious software on their workstation and information system 
  3. Accessing and disclosing professional or personal information over a period
  4. Embezzlement and extortion

How are Capital Calls performed?

Today, capital calls are sent via email with an attached PDF file that resumes the details of the drawdown and states the bank details for money transfers. Accustomed to the process, investors trust what has been working so far. 

However, business email compromise is one of the most common types of cyberattacks. Hackers hijack mailboxes, replicate email formats, and access contact information. Interposing as fund managers, attackers can send out identically formatted capital calls, just with different banking details. Unable to spot the difference, investors get trapped in the cyberattack.

How PE Cube solves the problem?

PE Cube is a SaaS solution that digitalises private equity fund management.

Recognising the need to protect operations that call or distribute millions or even billions of euros, the software signs and secures the sending of operation letters

What’s more, back-office manager has access to a simplified, centralised, and personalised interface that provides a 5-step process that automates the creation and sending of operation letters, while limiting human errors.


So why continue to put your fund management at risk?

Book a demo, to take the necessary protective measures against cyberattacks with PE Cube.


1. https://www.investeurope.eu/research/activity-data/


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