Lesson 3 : Accompany your LPs with a comprehensive dashboard

Dashboard for LPs

LPs demand more

As the Private Equity industry matures, Limited Partners (LPs) increasingly demand more. They want management companies to publish more sophisticated reports to allow for greater transparency. A study carried out by Private Funds CFO Insight Survey 2022, informed that 64% of respondents (CFOs) agreed that LPs requested more details and prescribed for standardised formats of reporting.1


Personalising reports for all the LPs subscribed to a fund is taxing and monotonous for a back-office manager. Therefore, having a software that acts as a single point of truth is vital as it encompasses all the data points and real-time information in a structured, verified, and standardised way. It allows the team to focus on their added value while depending on reliable and exportable data to generate reports.


PE Cube : LP dashboard

PE Cube’s fund management software facilitates back-office managers to send out, for example, shareholder status documents. The LP dashboard in the software stores real-time investor data within a comprehensive and synthetic dashboard. As a result, the back-office manager can automate the distribution process of these documents by only requiring defining a template document and the relevant investor(s) concerned by this action.


Additionally, the LP dashboard gives the investor relations team a clear and concise overview of the LP.


By choosing to digitalise your fund management with PE Cube, say goodbye to the endless and agonising data treasure hunts and welcome comprehensive dashboards that provide the team with readable, verified, and exportable data points.


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1 https://www.privatefundscfo.com/insights-survey-2022/







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