Lesson 5: Customise and track KPIs for each portfolio company

Track KPIs portfolio companies

The private equity industry is maturing and closing the transparency gap between the private and public markets. Funds are adopting SFRD regulations and are paying a closer attention to sharing more information with their Limited Partners (LPs).


To facilitate this transition, PE Cube provides a portfolio management solution that allows fund managers to have a clear, concise, and visual overview of the health and performance of portfolio companies.


By choosing PE Cube, the investment team can digitally create a history of customisable metrics for each portfolio company. Additionally, the team has the flexibility to define the period type (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly), the nature of data (realised, estimated, budget or business plan), and the metric (choice of customising financial and non-financial KPIs).


This permits the investment team to easily track and compare the relevant customisable metrics to monitor the performance of the business. The metric history can be easily exported to an Excel file from the solution, allowing the team to create accurate and comprehensive reports for investors.


Say goodbye to endless and agonising data treasure hunts. It’s time to strengthen your bases by digitalisation, so that your teams can focus on their value add to portfolio companies.


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