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At PE Cube, we aim at offering more than a Private Equity software to our customers: we want to support you in every aspect of your daily activities.
In that sense, we share with you a Glossary on Private Equity terms.
You will find below all the relevant terms of the Private Equity industry, with their definitions, as provided by trusted sources (sources: Gips®European ParliamentESMAILPAInvest EuropeInvestopedia, and IPEV).

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Key Employees
Professional management attracted by the founder to run the company. Key employees are typically retained with warrants and ownership of the company.

Source: ILPA
Key Person and Key Person provisions
The key senior investment professionals actively involved in the sourcing, analysis, negotiation and subsequent monitoring of potential investments made by a fund are typically identified and named in the fund documents as Key Persons. Provisions are made regarding what happens should any of these individuals cease to devote sufficient time to the fund; so-called Key Person provisions.

Source: Invest EUROPE
Key Person Clause
If a specified number of key named executives cease to devote a specified amount of time to the Partnership, which may include time spent on other funds managed by the manager, during the commitment period, the "key person" clause provides that the manager of the fund is prohibited from making any further new investments (either automatically or if so determined by investors) until such a time that new replacement key executives are appointed. The manager will, however, usually be permitted to make any investments that had already been agreed to be made prior to such date.

Source: ILPA
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